The Grand Launch

I’ve received a challenge; to only read e-books for an entire year. As a bibliophile with a pronounced dislike for e-books, this is not child’s play but something that will be truly difficult to pull off. You can join, you can merely laugh at my struggling to not toss my iPad out the nearest window – or don’t. You won’t hurt my feelings either way.

As a way to keep myself sane through this journey, I’ve decided to write a blog about my efforts – this blog! As a student of communications and media, in all its glory, I know somewhat of the impact of the e-reader on the market and have even done two surveys on the topic during my studies. Thus, I am quite interested in the impact of this experiment on my own habits and not just the thoughts and ideas I’ve accumulated during my time at university.

I will endeavor not to cheat and only read analogically when digital reading is not possible. An example would be the required reading for my classes only available to me on paper. I think it would be a waste of time to scan it all in order to read a PDF of the same text – don’t you?

I am an avid reader of fantasy and this will in all likelihood remain unchanged – there is a plethora of titles that I have yet to read, and most, if not all, are available as e-books. I am considering reviewing each book after reading, and not just reviewing the medium alone. However, whether that will be realized remains to be seen – it all depends on you. I would love to have your input; any and all recommendations would be accepted enthusiastically.

Now, I’m off to start my very first test run: Brandon Sanderson on iPad.

… Oh my!